Orange Mango Recipes

  • POPLE Moroska

    4 cl Pople Mango & Orange
    ½ Lime
    2 pcs Orange
    Crushed ice

    Muddle 2x2cm pcs of orange and half a lime in a tumbler. Add crushed ice and POPLE Mango & Orange - Mix drink with a bar spoon and garnish with orange peel

  • POPLE Mango Bubbles

    20 cl POPLE Mango & Orange
    Sparkling wine (Prosecco)

    Measure POPLE in a sparkling wine glass. Top it off with chilled Prosecco wine

  • POPLE Cognac

    2 cl Pople Mango & Orange
    2 cl VS. Ranin Cognac
    2.5 cl Lemon juice
    1 cl Syrup
    Egg whites (optional)

    Measure ingredients in a shaker (If using egg white, dry shake first). Shake vigorously and strain in a tumbler over ice - garnish with orange peel

  • POPLE ManGin

    2 cl POPLE Mango & Orange
    2 cl Dry Gin
    3 cl Lemon juice
    2 cl Orange juice
    1 cl Pineapple syrup
    Soda water

    Pour measured ingredients into a shaker. Shake vigorously and in a Collins glass, strain over ice and top up with soda - Garnish with orange

Orange Mango


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