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POPLE Marshmallow raspberry

Irresistible combination of raspberry and marshmallow will surprise with its smooth and delicious taste. Gorgeous, peachy look brings summer vibes to people everywhere. Make a drink, raise a toast with friends and dance the night away.

Raspberry Yogurt

POPLE Blueberry

Only out of the enchanting nature of fresh blueberries, such a mysteriously bold liqueur can be born. Pople Blueberry is captivating, courageous and lively. There is no darkness in it, on the contrary, this intensely charming flavor has the power to turn a frivolous gathering into a vibrant experience.


POPLE Citrus Mango

This passionate combination of bright, tangy full-bodied flavors, is bound to raise the bar within the world of tropical liqueurs. Come rain or shine, no one can take the summer spirit out of this one. It’s citrus appeal and that smooth mango texture make this Pople jewel a must-have in your selection.

Pople Citrus Mango

POPLE Orange Mango

Something so exotic and tantalizing is hard to come across these days. Yet, Pople managed to put together its brightest creation ever. Enchanting mango aromas collide with a vibrant orange twist that promises to make any mouth water. This is a true liqueur experience worth having as something brilliantly unexpected the next time you meet with friends.


Pople Orange Mango

POPLE Strawberry Ice cream

Behind this nostalgic soft flavor, hides a full-bodied liqueur ready to invoke our happy-go-lucky attitude. Pople Ice Cream promises to fill our lives with moments of laughter, a sense of adventure and many joyful encounters.

Pople Strawberry Ice cream

POPLE Strawberry

A real showstopper. This rich velvety Strawberry liqueur is a one-of-a-kind sensorial experience in itself. This real berry delight is honest and provocative. It is said, that once Pople joins the party, a fresher, more upbeat mood sets the tone.

Raspberry Yogurt

POPLE Raspberry Yogurt

Fresh creamy goodness describes best what Pople Raspberry-yogurt brings to the scene. Pink and sassy, Pople is always ready to make the very best out of any occasion. Life is all about attitude. So tell your friends that today, we bring pink back with a bang!

Pople Raspberry Yogurt

  • POPLE Milkshake

    4 cl POPLE Blueberry
    1 ball Vanilla ice cream
    1 dl Milk
    Crushed ice

    Pour all the ingredients in a blender, add some ice and mix to a smooth blend. Pour into a glass

  • POPLE Blueberry Shot

    4 cl POPLE Blueberry

    Pour POPLE Blueberry into a shot glass and add a layer of whipped cream on top, and voilà

  • Tiki POPLE

    2 cl POPLE Blueberry
    Apple juice
    Lime juice
    Ginger beer

    In a shaker, pour the POPLE Blueberry, apple juice and lime juice and shake. Serve the mix into a glass filled with ice and top it up with ginger beer

  • POPLE Blue Lime

    3 cl POPLE Blueberry
    2-3 Lime wedges
    5-7 Mint leaves
    1 tsp Sugar
    4 cl Soda water
    Crushed ice

    Mash the lime, mint and sugar in an old-fashion glass. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir

  • POPLE Moroska

    4 cl Pople Mango & Orange
    ½ Lime
    2 pcs Orange
    Crushed ice

    Muddle 2x2cm pcs of orange and half a lime in a tumbler. Add crushed ice and POPLE Mango & Orange - Mix drink with a bar spoon and garnish with orange peel

  • POPLE Mango Bubbles

    20 cl POPLE Mango & Orange
    Sparkling wine (Prosecco)

    Measure POPLE in a sparkling wine glass. Top it off with chilled Prosecco wine

  • POPLE Cognac

    2 cl Pople Mango & Orange
    2 cl VS. Ranin Cognac
    2.5 cl Lemon juice
    1 cl Syrup
    Egg whites (optional)

    Measure ingredients in a shaker (If using egg white, dry shake first). Shake vigorously and strain in a tumbler over ice - garnish with orange peel

  • POPLE ManGin

    2 cl POPLE Mango & Orange
    2 cl Dry Gin
    3 cl Lemon juice
    2 cl Orange juice
    1 cl Pineapple syrup
    Soda water

    Pour measured ingredients into a shaker. Shake vigorously and in a Collins glass, strain over ice and top up with soda - Garnish with orange

  • POPLE Manguito

    4 cl POPLE Citrus-mango
    ½ Mashed lime
    Lemonade soda

    Mash the lime in an old-fashion glass, add Pople Citrus-mango, some ice and top it off with the lemonade soda - Lime skin works well for decoration

  • POPLE Troptonic

    4 cl POPLE Citrus-mango
    2 cl Lemon Juice
    Tonic water

    Pour the measured ingredients in a glass, fill it up with ice and top it all off with tonic water - Use some lemon for decoration

  • POPLE Mango Jumble

    4 cl POPLE Citrus-mango
    Fresh ripe mango

    2 cl Fresh lime juice
    3 cm Ripe banana

    Pour all the ingredients in a blender, add ice and blend thoroughly. Use some mango wedges for decoration

  • POPLE Russchian

    4 cl POPLE Strawberry
    4 cl cranberry juice
    Lime wedges
    Schweppes Russchian

    Pour the cranberry juice and POPLE into a glass. Fill the glass with ice cubes, lime wedges and Russchian

  • Bubble POPLE

    2 cl POPLE Strawberry
    Sparkling wine
    1 Strawberry

    Pour ingredients into a fluted glass, add a fresh strawberry and top off with sparkling wine

  • POPLE Rhubshot

    2 cl POPLE Strawberry ice-cream
    2 cl Rhubarb syrup

    Build in a shot glass, serve chilled

  • POPLE Berry Cream

    4 cl POPLE Strawberry ice-cream
    3 tbs Raspberries
    1 ball Vanilla ice cream
    4 cl Milk

    Pour all the ingredients in a blender, add some ice and mix to a smooth blend. Decorate with strawberries and chocolate powder

  • POPLE Appleberry

    4 cl POPLE Raspberry yoghurt
    3 tbs Frozen berries (i.e blueberries)
    4 Strawberries
    4 cl Apple juice

    Pour all the ingredients in a blender, add some ice and mix to a smooth blend. Use frozen berries for decoration

  • POPLE Velvet

    4 cl POPLE Raspberry yoghurt
    4 cl Milk

    In a serving glass (i.e. mason jar mug ) pour the ingredients and press the berries slightly to increase flavor. Add ice and stir gently with a spoon

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